The leading supplier to OEMs and aftermarket in UK

With over 30 years experience in the agricultural trade we aim to provide our customers with the very best service and quality of goods. We are the sole UK distributor of Sonamia and Monroc equipment, as well as a full range of axles we also supply wheels, tyres, PTO shafts, accessories and spares.

Agricultural Axles

Supplying braked and unbraked axles (including steering axles) from 500kg to 13,000kg.

High Speed Axles

RNG are able to supply a range of high-speed axles with various brake sizes, standard and low-loader axles.


We offer a wide range of spares, bearings, wheel studs, brake shoes, oil seals and brake springs.

Wheels and Tyres

We supply a full range of wheel rims, wheel assemblies and tyres for agricultural use. Please call for details.

PTO shafts

We offer a full range of Weasler PTO shafts, standard, wide-angle and various torque limiters.


Towing eyes, brake shoes, taper bearings, handbrakes, hydraulic cylinders, brake rams and spring sets.